Monday, 9 December 2013

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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Add Bootstrap Navbar in blogger with desired colour

Hi friends in this post I am sharing how to add bootstrap bar with your desired colour.First of all download twitter bootstrap here.Then upload the three files css,js,icons to a webhost or dropbox.I am using opendrive to upload files.Then get direct link of the files .
Bootstrap Blogger Navbar

After that,
  • Goto blogger dashboard->Template->Edit HTML
  • Place direct links just below<head>
  • Check whether you added <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0"/>If not just add it below<head>
  • Just above   ]]></b:skin>
  • Add
  • Then add nav bar,below<body> ,Add for example
  • or goto Layout click add a gadget ,select html/javascript,place css code in between,[<style type="text/css">Above Css code</style><!--Navbar1-->Html code<!--NavbarEnd1-->] and save it.That’s all!!!
  • See a sample here
  • Change the color according to your needs in css.In Css,color represents color of the text.Replace ”#” with your links what you want to add in tab.Replace”Home”and”Link ” with your desired name.Hope  friends , you really like it…….

Monday, 22 July 2013

languages used in webPages and design

Webdesign Languages
Hi friends ,in this post sharing the basic what is used ti create webpages and webdesign.
  • HTML used to create static webpages or websites.
  • CSS used to design webpages of HTML which saves more lines of coding than HTML like fuction call.
  • Javascript is a programming where we can use it with HTML to make more functionality  to webpages.
  • Static website:Uses HTML,CSS,Javascript and there is need to edit each time when you want to add new things.
  • Dynamic website:Uses serverside program(like php,,python)along with html and also using database.So new updates can be done automatically.When old content needed no need to write and able to get  that information through database.scripts done at web server and HTML displays output to user.
  • We know that ,using FTP we can upload scripts.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Useful websites for blogger tips and Blogger templates

Hi friends,In this point I would like to share websites where you get widgets,templates,design ideas,icons, buttons,seo and more.
Bloggertip Websites

My Blogger Tricks:

My Blogger Tricks is one of the great place to learn about blogger tricks,widgets,seo and also templates. MOHAMMAD MUSTAFA AHMEDZAI is the founder for this blog who providing these  valuable informations free.He is also running another two sites smart earning methodsand rich income ways.
  • Don’t forget to see adsense booster provided by him!!!



Mybloggerlab is another free online blogging resource founded by SyedFaizan Ali with his brother Zain Ali.Blogger tutorials is very useful for beginners.Another great site from this brothers is the templatism.Different designs which make us to see all templates.

SeoBloggerTemplates where you can get beautiful templates for free.It was created by Aumkar and also maintaining which also gives information on blogs,window ,mac,linux and more. TheInfoShare also using template from SeoBloggerTemplates.
In placetodownload have a look at subscription box which is amazing!!!
Bloggertipsntricks another great place for blogger informations.Chandeep founded this Bloggertipsntricks .Here we surprise whether the blog designed at blogger or wordpress!!!.And blogger resource page where you can get wonderful blogger templates.And everyone should have a look at bloggersitemap design and opt-in forms at free templates.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Useful websites to create Word clouds

Hi friends ,in this post I am sharing websites to create word clouds .Word clouds are useful to create group of text with graphical representation.Word clouds look simple and attractive.I also used word cloud  in myfirstpost.


Tagxedo is an online word cloud generator where you can create stunning clouds.Create word cloud for your blog,twitter and delicious ids.The most thing I like here is the shape where  we can upload our own  image and we can create word cloud from that image.

And you can change the font,orientation(horizontal,vertical),theme, colour and more.My firstblogpost word cloud also created by taxgedo.The above diagram also created by taxgedo.There is no need to sign up here.It is free and have more  features for premium subscription.


Wordle is another online word cloud generator where we can create word clouds.Wordle is older word cloud generator where we can create online and  still a worthy one.

There are more and more word cloud generators available online and some of them shared here.In feature we will share  word cloud  generator software,so we can create offline.

Friday, 19 July 2013

My first Post

Hi friends ,this is my first post in this blog.Here I would like to share information where I collected and learned informations in net .


My first Post

Let’s start with some information about the founders of Google,Yahoo and Facebook wih the year founded.






Larry Page and Sergy Brin

David Filo and Jerry Yang

Mark  Zuckerberg





Products of Google which I Like :

No doubt,My internet entry started with gmail,which helped me in many ways.I want to share it as points.

  • Gmail
  • Blogger

There are more products I like in google .In that I gave high priority of above.Google+ looks very nice.

In Facebook I love to use pages. We can do a lot of useful things here.In yahoo I loved answers part which helped me to give more answers easily and quickly for more questions.

In the above said,its just my sharing which helped me in many ways.There are more other products and we can do more things.In features these are also will be shared.