Monday, 22 July 2013

languages used in webPages and design

Webdesign Languages
Hi friends ,in this post sharing the basic what is used ti create webpages and webdesign.
  • HTML used to create static webpages or websites.
  • CSS used to design webpages of HTML which saves more lines of coding than HTML like fuction call.
  • Javascript is a programming where we can use it with HTML to make more functionality  to webpages.
  • Static website:Uses HTML,CSS,Javascript and there is need to edit each time when you want to add new things.
  • Dynamic website:Uses serverside program(like php,,python)along with html and also using database.So new updates can be done automatically.When old content needed no need to write and able to get  that information through database.scripts done at web server and HTML displays output to user.
  • We know that ,using FTP we can upload scripts.

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