Friday, 19 July 2013

My first Post

Hi friends ,this is my first post in this blog.Here I would like to share information where I collected and learned informations in net .


My first Post

Let’s start with some information about the founders of Google,Yahoo and Facebook wih the year founded.






Larry Page and Sergy Brin

David Filo and Jerry Yang

Mark  Zuckerberg





Products of Google which I Like :

No doubt,My internet entry started with gmail,which helped me in many ways.I want to share it as points.

  • Gmail
  • Blogger

There are more products I like in google .In that I gave high priority of above.Google+ looks very nice.

In Facebook I love to use pages. We can do a lot of useful things here.In yahoo I loved answers part which helped me to give more answers easily and quickly for more questions.

In the above said,its just my sharing which helped me in many ways.There are more other products and we can do more things.In features these are also will be shared.

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